Model: SFDD-Series

Product Features:
  • Display the packaging speed and length automatically, insuring cut-off accuracy.
  • User-friendly Imported PLC interface allowing for multilingual operation and access restriction features.
  • Comprehensive synchronization for date printer (optional) and feeding systems.
  • AC motor attached with converter, realizing the step-less control, dynamic adjustment in operation. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.
  • Adjustable Or Fixed bag former, could set short and long distance between fork spreader settings, which are convenient for changing product.
  • New type vertical seal heating, can seal at a low temperature and avoid burning film effectively. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
Suitable for packing cup noodles, soap, paper boxes, bottled milk, etc.
Technical Parameters:
Basic technical specifications SFDD SERIES
Maximum Film Width : 590MM
Bag Size : L=80-300mm, W=80-180mm, H=40-110mm
Film Material : POF
Thickness : 0.04-0.1mm
Film Roll : ID 75mm x OD 420mm
Max. Output/ speed : 160 bag / min
Actual Speed : Depending on bag length, output of used dosing device, product
Character : dosing size and required dosing accuracy.
Electricity Consumption : 1 Phase 220 V / 16 KVA, 50 Hz
Machine Size : (W) 1100mm x (H) 1760mm x (L) 7200mm
Machine Weight : 1500Kg