Model: SFDA-Series

Type : Horizontal Center Bottom Fin Seal Pillow Pack

Product Features:
  • Touch panel control, easy operating.
  • Length, capacity and pack counter display.
  • Electronic cam-controlled position for easy operation and long durability.
  • PLC Control.
  • Automatic PID-controlled temperature.
  • AC motor attached with converter for realizing steeples control.
  • The machine will be stopped at a predetermined position when stopped to prevent film from burning-up.
Suitable for packing regular objects such as biscuit, bread, instant noodle, moon cakes, industrial parts, paper box or trays.
Technical Parameters:
Basic technical specifications SFDA SERIES
Model SFDA / B450 / 99 SFDA / B450 / 120 SFDA / 450 / 150
Max Film Width: 450mm 450mm 450mm
Speed(pcs/min): 20-180 20-180 20-180
Length of pack: 70-340mm 75-370mm 100-450mm
Pack Width: 20-140m 20-140mm 20-140mm
Pack Height: 5-40mm 5-60mm 37-75mm
Power: 3.5Kw 3.6Kw 3.6Kw
Dimensions: 5700x1050x1700mm 5700x1050x1700mm 5700x1050x1700mm
Weight: 900Kg 900Kg 1200Kg