Model: DRV-420/520/620

Product Features:
  • Servo-drive film transport system.
  • Servo-drive, intermittent motion end seal jaw, high speed.
  • PLC and touch screen control.
  • Date printer and feed system synchronous working together.
  • Quickly former changes, no tool required.
  • Exact warning function for product caught.
  • Photosensor automatic track eye mark.
  • Stainless steel structure for excellent durability and sanitation.
  • Digital temperature controlling module, temperature parameter saved in PLC.
Optional Elements:
  • Gas flushing (Air or Nitrogen gas)
  • Tear notch
  • Gusseted device
  • Air expeller
  • Hole punch device
  • Material stopper
  • Bag supporter
  • Polyethylene sealing system
  • Vacuum bag system
Technical Parameters:
Model DRV-420 DRV-520 DRV-620
Machine Size: 1150X1380X1400mm 1650X1300X1700mm 1680X1400X1850mm
Film Width: 420mm 520mm 620mm
Pack Length: Up to 200mm on single pull Up to 300mm on single pull Up to 330mm on single pull
Pack Width: 50-200mm on pillow bag 75-250mm on pillow bag 90-300mm on pillow bag
Packing Speed: Max. 100bpm (single draw down)
Max. 50bpm (double draw down)
Power: 220v 50Hz 3Kw 220v 50Hz 3.5Kw 220v 50Hz 4Kw
Compressed air: 0.2³/min, 0.6Mpa
Bag Style: Pillow bag, Gusseted bag, etc.
*This Packing Machine can combine with Auger Filling System, Volumetric Cups System and Multihead Weighing System.