Model: SFDM-Series

Product Features:
  • Dual frequency conversion control, bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and films.
  • Interface feature easy and quick setting and operation.
  • Self failure diagnosis and clear failure display.
  • High sensitivity photoelectric eye color trace the bag, numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.
  • Temperature independent PID control, it is more suitable for packing different materials.
  • Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting time.
  • Use simple driving system, reliable working, and convenient maintenance.
  • All control is realized through software, easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.
Suitable for packing soft, strip and unorganized objects. Example like gloves, plastic spoon,etc.
Technical Parameters:
Basic technical specifications SFDM SERIES
Model SFD450 / 120 SFDM450 / 150 SFDM720 / 240
Max Film Width: 450mm 450mm 720mm
Speed(pcs/min): 20-180 50-160 20-50
Length of pack: 70-340mm 100-450mm 180-700mm
Pack Width: 20-140m 20-140mm 40-240mm
Pack Height: 5-60mm 35-75mm 80-150mm
Power: 3.5Kw 3.6Kw 5Kw
Dimensions: 5700x1050x1700mm 5700x1050x1700mm 5700x1450x1750mm
Weight: 900Kg 900Kg 1200Kg